There is nothing more important in business than communications.

And there is nothing less intelligent in business than ignoring that fact.

Whether you are a baker, accountant, funeral director, tourist worker, arms dealer, or a dam builder – it all begins and ends with communications.


Communication management
planning, monitoring and organizing channels of communication within an organisation
Communication strategy
revision and creation of communication strategy and its implementation
Communication training
lectures, seminars and situation training
Media consulting
media policy and media product development and analisys



Sonja Hodak’s earlier experience:

  • Author of a communication manual
  • PR agency director
  • Editor in chief, editor and journalist in leading newspapers in the country
  • Advisor to the Minister at the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection



Sonja Hodak and Mirela Holy Sonja Hodak and Mirela Holy, published a book in October 2012. with the publisher Naklada Ljevak. More about the book:,


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